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Word of Mouth- Positive and Negative

People today do not realize the power of our voices. The random conversations, social media posts, rants, raves and just small talk. People do listen and they do pay attention to most of what you are saying. What we forget to factor in is how much of what we are saying is sticking into the minds of the other person. The little positive or negative statement we made in passing may have a HUGE effect on the passing person, good, bad or indifferent.

Now, with that said, how fast are you to complement something or someone? How fast are you to rant or critique something or someone? Most people are quicker to complain or rant about something or someone way before they give the complement. Is this because we expect great service in a customer service industry? Yes, of course it is. Why don’t we yell from the roof top when we have perfect service? Don’t you think people or companies should get to hear about the phenomenal experience you had with them and not just the negative ones.

When we leave negative reviews or rants about someone or something, we are directly affecting their livelihood. Now, with that said, I do feel negative reviews are needed in our world to protect others but so are raving reviews. A wonderful, stellar review on a person or company will also affecting their livelihood and help the general public know who to choose. I also feel if a person or company is giving bad customer service it should be brought to the owner’s attention before we ruin that company with bad reviews or rants. The owner may not know you had a bad experience. If you do let management know, they will most likely make it right. If they make it right, then no negative reviews are needed, and you just saved yourself the aggravation of having to relive the bad experience in a review. It is a win, win situation.

Sometimes, we all just need to take a deep breath and think before we speak. After you sleep on it and feel that negative review is needed, then more power to you. We, as consumers, have gotten a fast trigger finger over the years and more times then none, after some relaxing we notice it wasn’t that big of a deal. Sit back, relax and reflect before you write those negative reviews.

Remember, companies would love to hear about your AMAZING experience as well.

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