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Mom and Pop Businesses'

Who now days shops at Mom and Pop businesses'? We are all guilty of shopping the big brand box stores BUT what about home services? Lawn care, House cleaning, Moving services and other household services..... Do you shop the big name franchises or do you look for the small home grown companies?

The big brand box stores and the nice fancy franchises look nice all wrapped in a pretty bow and they are an amazing option. When it comes to the home services though, lets take a closer look. The man down the street of your neighborhood that you see leave at dawn and return at dusk, day in and day out does landscaping, most likely started a lawn service from scratch. The single mom that has the little girl in your Daughters class that is always running late to pick up; she has been trying to get her housecleaning company off the ground so she can support her Family. The Husband and Wife that you see in church that look stressed out, They are having sleepless night trying to figure out how to make sure all their employees have food on the table ,and how to make a successful moving company.

Franchises, often have a main office that handles the PR, marketing, specials and helps finance the start up costs. Behind every small community home grown start up there is always someone continually thinking of new marketing ideas, stressing over money and possibly missing time with their children or spouse. These companies don't have the 100 other franchises out there helping get the name out, they started with a idea and a dream.

Next time, you are looking into a service please take a moment and think about trying a local business. Mom and Pop stores and companies are what helped make America, lets not let this die out. If we all help our neighbors and our communities then it will all benefit us in the long run.

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