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Moving with Manners

What are manners to you? Being polite? Being respectful? The definition of Manners state: polite or well-bred social behavior.

How does it feel when someone is polite and respectful to you? It makes you feel empowered and therefore we stress this point. We get asked often about our slogan, Moving with Manners. Our slogan means just what it says. Everyone in JoMo Moving will treat you with the same respect as the other.

Every morning we have a quick staff meeting and go over the days agenda. At the end of every meeting, every morning, we say “Yes ma’am, No Sir, Thank you, Please and have a great day.” Why do we do this? Everyone is raised differently and taught different things. We constantly repeat these words to make sure: A: These words become a habit and second nature, B: To ensure everyone knows how strongly we feel about this point. C: We feel everyone in this world deserve the same respect, so we show just as much respect to everyone that is part of JoMo Moving.

You will notice JoMo Moving is different from your first contact with us. We are no different from the first interaction until the last. When you call JoMo Moving you will receive a warm, friendly voice on the other end of the line. When we come into your home for a consultation, we treat your home with the upmost respect. You will here our manners and our Southern respect from that moment forward. When the movers come into your home for your move, you will be put at ease by the way our guys treat your items. Each item will be wrapped and carried just as it was their own.

Customer service and manners is something that we feel are missing now days. We would love to bring the manners back into blue collar fields.

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