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Companies for Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving isn’t always great for the environment. All those cardboard boxes add up, and even if you’re making sure to recycle them properly, you’re still left with plenty of not-so-easy to recycle materials like packing tape and plastic wrap. Luckily, there’s a better way to make moving more planet-friendly: plastic moving boxes.

Plastic moving boxes are an environmentally-sound alternative to your typical cardboard boxes, and boast some other big benefits as well. They’re stronger, sturdier, and easier to stack than your typical cardboard boxes, and they’re not going to get damaged by leaks or a bumpy ride in transit. Plus, no packing tape required, and the boxes are usually made from recycled materials themselves.

As plastic moving boxes grow in popularity for moves, so too are plastic moving box companies, which will rent them out to you for a fee (and often, drop them off and pick them up right at your door). Here are six of the best companies for plastic moving boxes so you can skip the cardboard and do better by the environment with your next move.

U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box U-Haul offers easy rental of plastic moving boxes for residential moves, business moves, and even storage during renovations. As an already well-established moving & storage company, U-Haul is able to offer a wide service range that can accommodate people in most states. Rent their plastic moving boxes for as long as you need, then stack them together and return them.

Benefits of U-Haul plastic moving boxes

They’re sustainable. U-Haul reuses and rents out their plastic boxes as many times as they can. When and if they start to break down, they simply recycle them to make more plastic moving boxes.

They’re easy to stack. The tops of U-Haul’s plastic boxes fold down to the sides for easy stackability with absolutely no assembly required.

You can keep them for as long you need to. There are no time limits on how long you can rent the boxes for, which makes them great for storage during home projects. Size: Boxes are 24” x 20” x 12”.

Rental rates Your exact rates may vary depending on where you live, but a typical rate for U-Haul plastic moving boxes is $1.50 per box for one week plus $1 per box for each additional week. For 12 boxes, that’s just $18 for a full week of use.

How to rent Visit for rates and rental information.

Bungo Box According to Bungo Box, customers enjoy an average of 50 percent cost savings renting plastic moving bins from them instead of purchasing cardboard boxes. Their set-up is easy: let them know how many boxes you need and when you need them and they’ll drop them off at your door and then pick them up when you’re done.

Benefits of Bungo Box plastic moving boxes

They’re designed for easy lifting. The boxes come with easy grip handles so that even novice movers should be able to life and carry them pretty easily.

They’re always clean. Bungo Box cleans and sanitizes each box after use, so you don’t have to worry about receiving unclean boxes.

They’re good to the environment. Each plastic moving box from Bungo Box can be used more than 400 times before it has to be recycled. That’s hundreds of times more than a cardboard box.

Size: Large boxes are 27” x 17” x 12” and extra-large boxes are 28” x 20” x 15”. Rental rates

Depending on precisely how many boxes you need for your move, you’ll likely spend about $56 to $168 for a one-week rental. Prices go up or down depending on how much you have to pack and how long you need the boxes for. As a nice bonus, delivery and pick up of the plastic moving bins is free if you spend more than $75.

How to rent Visit for more information and to place your order.

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